Briefly – a conversation…

AD – stoners are usually really funny people…

Me – nah – they just think they’re funny because they’re stoned.

AD – does that go for me too…?

Me – uh huh….

AD – so I’m not funny…?

Me – you will be if you have a joint.

AD – oh. Better roll one up then…

I didn’t surf today.

The point.


Recently I presented a question relating to the point of blogging.

To many the point was the pointlessness. Or an open plan diary for you and the world to share. Or a stream of conciousness (or unconciousness in the case of the Old Git) to satiate a desire to communicate something to somebody somewhere….

I first started mine for a completely different reason – I wanted to learn how to build a website and get a podcast together – at the time I was starting to mix music again (unfortunately work has taken that desire from me for the moment) and I wanted to be able to share it with others. Rather than take the easy route I built a site from the ground up learning html and xml and all those fun ‘ml’ things tripping over each obstacle as I went and struggling through (the remnants of those pages are still in my archives). Then to facilitate the graphical side I started to get my head around Photoshop and Illustrator so I could make my own banners, buttons and widgets…

So all the while I was blogging almost as a side line. Then I finally added comments to the site and the whole thing sprang to life. I discovered that the stats I’d been getting were actually real people with real lives from the furthest reaches of the planet and they actually enjoyed what I was writing and in turn I was loving reading about their worlds and lives. My tiny isolated bubble that I’d been trapped in was growing and changing shape and I was starting to make friends such as Lucy, Lizza, Surftwin, Nursie, Kevin and Sylvie, Paula, Rachie, Jen and many more……

So months later I switched to wordpress so I could concentrate on the content and the communication. Now blogging has become a huge part of my life – I feel so disconnected where I live sometimes and it’s like a small vibrant web spreading out through the internet keeping me in contact with the rest of the world.

For some reason it’s also given me a boost to get back into things that I’d long discarded such as my photography and some artwork and then of course I get to rattle on endlessly about my greatest passion surfing. So all in all it has to be a good thing…

Cheers everybody for spending time here and thanks to all the other bloggers that put so much effort into their own sites for everybody else.

I didn’t surf today.

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Old skool….

ADstylin' it....

I’m glad I know AD. He keeps me sane with his insanity.

A couple of years ago he cast away his career as a music producer and quit flying all over the globe playing techno to the masses to return to Portugal to spend more time with his kids and treat his body and mind with a little more respect.

Once upon a time he was a pro skater and avid surfer but the 10 years in sunny Hackney destroying brain cells and collecting fat cells stripped him of those important life skills. A few months of Portuguese life and he’s ripping it up on concrete and the waves. He’s discovered (as have I) that you don’t need to get completely wankered to get off on life and that good company doing good things is the best way to spend your days.

I’ve posted a few shots at flickr of a small session at Peniche skate park. I took Papersurfer Jr and AD took his youngest to bust some moves on the ramps. I took the difficult option and held the camera…

Last time I tried to drop into a half pipe it wasn’t just my dignity I lost….

I didn’t surf today. But yesterday was amazing. Did I mention it?

Ask Penfold…..


…you can ask me whatever you like – I have no secrets but today I am mostly answering some questions about surfing that have been left for me.

This answers to this post will be be appearing at fuelmyblog’s very own ‘our blog‘ at Ask Penfold – anything…

The first from the venerable Daddy Papersurfer is regarding search engines.

When surfing, what, in your opinion is the best search engine?

The second and third are from the great Kevin Dixie himself – well known website coagulator and all round semi French person.

I’d like to know if you can surf with out a t-shirt. I say surf, I mean bellyboard, me and my son get rashes.

And lastly…

When the sea is really “rough” ie big waves, how do the guys on surf boards take one second to get out beyond the breakers and me on foot takes about ten mins?

If anyone has any other questions they wish me to answer then please leave them in the comments or the forum. They don’t have to be related to surfing – be wild and imaginative ask me anything about anything – I’ll make something up…

If you don’t I shall be forced to make up questions and that would be a bit like cheating…..

I did surf today. It was magnificent – 4 foot, clean, glassy and only 4 of us out…..

One of those days…

It’s one of those days when I sit at the computer and have absolutely no idea what is going to come out of my fingertips and onto the screen. If I had a fictitious pet llama or a typing dog then maybe things would be easier. I could reiterate AD’s filthy repertoire from the Grindstone but I want to retain my PG rating and the days events there were beyond tedium the first time round….

So some minor news – the Surf Convoy has been cancelled. My apologies to everyone that has booked and paid (talking to myself again). It was a fab idea but the Grindstone has taken over all possibilty of getting away for the beginning of September. I still intend to go – my brief southerly expedition has reminded me how beautiful the West coast can be and I’m determined to see it all. I still haven’t surfed my way up into Spain through Galicia and round to the North coast. I sneaked a few days in Asturia last year and it is truly stunning. One of the few places in Europe where you can sit out back and look at mountains dropping into the sea…

Hat news. Due to an unusual outbreak of jellyfish stings and Gouda mould in the Den Haag region my sources have managed to hone in on the main suspect. A full and open confession is expected and as long as it is returned unharmed (in person – to my door!) no charges will be pressed. So I ask that all curses and fatwa be lifted until further notice for fear of driving the culprit underground…


I didn’t surf today.

Hat thief warning…


A brief warning to all wearers of stylish head gear. It seems that somewhere in Europe there is a dastardly deed doer at large.

May I draw your attention to the photograph above. Note the casual excellence of my cranial coverage – the sleek lines, the perfect shade allowance. It’s function and form combining beautifully to create the ultimate in head protection. A man of my follicular count needs a hat.

Now it is gone. Stolen. Taken with no mercy .

Let it be known that I, Penfold the surfer of all that is Paper will not stop until justice is done. I will search every mountain and valley. Every beach and every forest. Every coat hook in the hallway….

Ah nuts! It looked better on her anyway…

I didn’t surf today.

Last leaves….

last leaves

I just found this in the depths of my hard drive – I took it at the end of last year in Brigg (near sunny Scunthorpe). It was a real cold night and nearly pitch black. Quite impressed that my little Canon caught it at all…

Not sure why I posted it – just seemed to sum up how I’m feeling this evening.

I didn’t surf today.