10,000 maniacs…


To celebrate the 10,000th visitor to Papersurfer I will be offering a splendid prize.

I shall personally cook a 3 course dinner for lucky reader number 10,000* at my home which will be served on the terrace at sunset.

The following terms and conditions apply

This competition is valid for everyone but immediate members of my family (ie. my Dad). If any member of my family (ie. my Dad) does win then then the next non-family member (ie. not my Dad) will be the lucky recipient.

I didn’t surf today.

(* Travel not included.)


  1. Now, let me get this straight, ‘cos it’s quite confusing. When I am the 10,000 visitor to your site
    I win what exactly?

    Oh, and is this on your terrace or, possibly, dare
    I say it, the afore mentioned outside space of the home of the TERRIBLE GODDESS and her humble acolyte?

    10,000 visitors? has the world gone mad?!?!?
    Congratulations [soon] and I’m looking forward to breaking bread with you [I have got this right, haven’t I?].

    Sorry, what’s your name?

  2. It’ll have to be yours as Hippy Richard has just demolished the one at my house (I did ask him to!).
    I never said that Mum couldn’t win. Just you…

  3. So what number is this visit of mine? And will you be providing entertainment too? Maniacal entertainment for your maniacal winning reader.

  4. mmmm…dinner. I like dinner. I really like dinner outside near a lagoon. Especially if it is cooked by a surfer. Sooo divine. You must have known I would be stopping by. I shall pack a swimsuit, a sarong and probably nothing else. well maybe a toothbrush for after dinner. See you soon!

  5. It’s just gone up to 10,002!!!!!!!!! Did you take out 10,000 just to save some cash!!!!!!!! We want our money back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a fiddle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kitchen Papersurfer doesn’t care!!!!!!!!
    She thinks I’ve lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubbish

  6. Crap! Crap! Crap! How was I supposed to win….if I couldn’t get your site to load???

    Sometimes I wonder… I swear there’s a mechanism that I’m not privy to. Some guy sitting on the other end observing…laughing to himself….”ah…nance is trying to get on again…think I’ll block her.” Grumble grumble….

  7. As the winner was a random clicker at 8.05 am this morning I think that Ms Surftwin should get the offer of dinner…
    Whenever you like – would you like directions?

  8. Corinna – you were stuck in moderation for a while, sorry about that. I’d leave the swimsuit and just bring the sarong if I were you. Peekskill eh? I stayed there many moons ago – beautiful part of the world…

  9. Oh that’s ok. I’ve always enjoyed being stuck in moderation. The awesome quiet of the internet rocking ones comments on a sea of pixelated grandeur.

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