A bit creaky…

rusty camper

Well another splendid day at grindstone central has been and gone with nothing involving CPR or insurance claims – Dylan is currently welded to the Nintendo and I’m sitting at the computer feeling a tad creaky. I spent the day nailgunning floorboards to joists and I’m fairly sure that the last time I did this I didn’t feel quite so stiff at the end of the day. It won’t be long before I’m borrowing one of Daddy P’s zimmer frames.

Most of today’s amusement was supplied trying to remember various 80’s artists and their relevant hits. For example – which all girl UK combo sang ‘Iko Iko’ and ‘Sign of the times’ and which brother from Bros went on to play an evil vampire in Blade III? These are very important and probing questions into areas of vital historical fact.
Obviously these sorts of questions would normally be categorised as ‘trivia’ but I like to think of them as essential knowledge and when armed with such any days activity – no matter how mundane can be enhanced immensely.

Of course these highbrow discussions normally dissolve into talk of norks and arses – not far to fall really I suppose…

I didn’t surf today. Fancy a surf trip? Look here

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