A bit more ink…

koi carp stage 2

…in a bit more skin. I must say there were parts of my session yesterday that made me doubt the joy of the whole tattoo experience. Some of the shading with the 8 needle gun were beyond the pain threshold that I’m comfortable with.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – apparently.

What wazzock said that…? Probably my father.
I didn’t surf today.


  1. wow indeed. the more you look at it the more ‘alive’ it becomes. clever boy. x

    oh hang on that reminds me….

  2. Thanks Tweeny – glad somebody thinks so…

    Insideoutey – er – oops that reminds me too. x

    BT – you may well be right – although my tattooist doesn’t seem to be a wazzock. I’ll ask him next time I see him.

  3. Trick or Twin? Hmmm tough – I’ll take both if I can…!

    Thank you Nursie.
    (Still singing ‘Beaver’ in my head!)

    Sorry Stinky. I shall try and be more manly in future. Grrr.
    It’s all still in black at the moment (and a bit red). Colour next time….

  4. I’m curious – how does the tattoo artist get the exact copy of your artwork onto your skin? Just in case i ever get one done. I am waiting for some artwork as we speak as it goes!!! xxxx

    ps. Warning – more ear abuse on its way.

    pps were does everyone get these smiley people from? I want some too.. I am still using the keyboard to make things like this…. :-[

  5. hey sharkstuff its an amazing likeness of you, the expression is exactly the same as yours when paddaling hard for a wave even down to the set of the mouth and the determined look in the eyes!,the tattoist has even got the shine on the forhead just the same as yours.
    Its an amazing looking tattoo mate.

    ps. ill try pop over in the next few days as im up in the area (yep missing the surf again just as its cleaning up.)

  6. UDH – they use carbon paper. Hi tech I know but if it ain’t broke and all that…
    I really will do some sketches soon I promise (I’m rubbish – spank me) x
    If you leave the nose out of your smileys and use curved brackets they will become the real things (google ‘keyboard smiley’)

    Dolphinium old bean ‘twould be super to see you. Thanks for the compliment? Er…
    Huwj and Gaydy went for a surf today. I’m gutted to say that it was rubbish…

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