A bit of skin and ink…

koi face

…here’s a small section of the beginnings of my new tattoo. It’s still a tad red hence the moody black and white image…

On thursday night I travelled down to Baleal beach to help all the locals eat an enormous roasting pig sacrificed to the end of season god. A splendid affair involving the hog turning over a huge firey pit surrounded by lots of drunken savages tearing at its flesh.

Everyone has been cajoling money from tourists for the last few months and now it’s time to kick back, look for a few empty waves and enjoy the beach while it’s still warm enough to strip down to a bikini.  Luckily for all the god of surf has been throwing a perfect clean swell at the beaches – unluckily for me the fresh ink in my skin needs another week before complete oceanic immersion is permissable. Nuts.

It was nice to watch the perfect surf for a while but frustration has taken me home to watch some X Factor re-runs and eat a tin of ravioli….

There’s wee bit more skin and ink on show at flickr.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Seems you’re sacrificing the surfing not too badly yourself! D’you reckon you’ll go really crazy once the tatts are ocean-friendly…?

  2. Careful Tweeny the grammar police (DP) will get you…

    Twinny – you’ll have to wait ’til we meet in person for that.

    Ms Paw – I can’t stop now. I’ve got loads of blank skin left!

    Surely Ms Fracas there is no such thing as a boring Canadian…?

  3. hi!!!! 😉

    been a while! i like the tatts!! i like the fish! i mean, really. doesnt really looks like tattoo, but more like a drawing. flawless! cool! way to go!! 😉

    tata and cheers! *twirl*


  4. Well Mr Sneha – even if I wasn’t a moderator on FMB (which I am) I could tell if you had fuelled my blog (which you haven’t). I was thinking about not allowing your comment but your site is so interesting how could I not share your link with the world…?

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