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This photograph demonstrates the possible dangers of paragliding over ocean areas. The bikini clad female was base jumping from the nearby clifftop when her chute folded and all the lines broke.
Luckily for her a passing longboarder was there to make the well timed and rather magnificent catch. Both were treated for shock and minor sunburn at the nearby lifeguard hut.

The couple ended up getting married and living very happily together in a bungalow in Bogner Regis on the south coast of England.

Next time – why llamas can’t (or won’t) surf….

This post was originally presented at Paula the surf mom’s homepage and can also be found at fuelmyblogs very own blog.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. I’ve seen them – buying fish fingers in Asda.

    [DP’s written on fmb – he’s got very tired typing fingers today, poor old b*****.]

  2. I was wondering were part two was…. all my readers (all 6 of them) are sitting around waiting for that llama story and they are starting to get ugly, they just set fire to one of my side bars… I guess that will teach me to invite guest posters with ADD.

  3. I couldn’t find much background info on the whole llama non-surfing scene – I was hoping to get an exclusive interview with Gertrude but know she’s gone all my sources have dried up…
    If anyone knows any non-surfing llamas please let me know.

  4. I had a video message from Gertrude today Penfold – but he didn’t say much. I still don’t know where he is.
    I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything – Paula is so forward isn’t she?

  5. Has anyone thought about using a llama AS a surfboard? The hair on the neck and back would be good and grippy, and the wax would easily shampoo out afterwards. (Take 2 llamas into the shower? Not me, I just Wash & Go!)

  6. Obviously DPS has spent too much time surfing the waves whilst holding TG above his head, clearly lost his mind (a long while ago) methinks! All is good in real life, thank you. You? As for the insanity that is blogworld – reminiscent of family get togethers I feel! x

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