A brief notice…

dylan at coimbra skate park

…third generation blogger Mr Papersurfer Junior has managed to prise himself away from the skate park for a few moments to release the fifth episode in the imaginatively titled, classic blog series ‘Papersurfer Junior‘.

You should go read it before it sells out…

I didn’t surf today. Next week…


  1. Nursie – he is way too cute for his own good! (you can always comment over there and don’t leave a link or leave a different link to somewhere less educational…)

    Soon DP? What was all that horizontalness for the last few years then? Just a practice run…?

    Ms Beat – it skips every 3rd generation of Papersurfer. I’ll leave you to work out which one… x

  2. hey my ickle mincer!
    its summer here at the beach we have had shoulder to head high for over 3 weeks now and the water is too warm for a 2mm shortie.
    the campsite has been real busy for weeks lar lar and rodney are driving me nuts!
    what im trying to say is!
    i think its time you came home…
    the maciera and sardines are waiting.

  3. Hey gaydy bear – have booked my flight and am heading home. Should be with you next week – try not to kill evrybody till I get back…

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