A briefly possible conversation…


Tuesday morning, after a near perfect head-high glassy session on the Oregon coast…

Gerry Lopez: Hey hunnybunny – you’ll never guess who I surfed with today…

Wife of Gerry Lopez: …I don’t know sugar-britches – who was that…?

GL: Just the one and only Penfold – from Surfugal…

WOGL: You’re shittin’me! Holy cow…

GL: God’s own truth! And I think I dropped in on him too…

I didn’t surf today.

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  1. the stick is to beat off all the dolpins who turned up to take the piss out of the hat i reckon.

  2. Hey Twin – well to be honest it was a pleasure watching the master at work even if he is a wave hogging git (cheaper than buying a DVD too). I managed to sneak a few off him though. I liked surfing in Oregon…

    KPX – have you been reading my blog again Ma? I hope you don’t let Dad see it – I keep saying rude things about him.

    DP – well he’s older than you. I’m thinking that you wouldn’t manage to get into a wetsuit let alone get into the water.

    Hi UDH – he did look a bit like a flowerpot man standing out back. Although as soon as he started to paddle even the dolphins were applauding… x

  3. He puts in 4 hour stretches in the water at the drop of a hat, not bad for someone who is hitting 60….. good surfing with you Pen, glad you got some while you were here, it’s crap today……

  4. Norvermbrer – please. Only Gerry is allowed to call me that! (Crazy fool thought I was someone else)
    Quick we should go to Tofino and surf some more – woo hoo! xxx

    Welcome Gaz – he’s not bad for an old man. My Dad could take a leaf out of his book (if he had the strength to tear it out). Good surfing with you guys too. See you one day again I hope…

  5. Nothing clever to add to the thread, just dropping in to say cool blog (and probably nudge up the average age).

    Penfold – supercool surfing blogger dude. Who’da thunkit?

  6. Welcome Sr Somnambulist – don’t worry we’re all teetering on the brink of extinction round here! Who’da thunkit indeed…? (supercool and dude may be points for discussion)

    Hey Nursie – ‘dropped in on’ is surfese for ‘being cut up by’ (the rest is just the usual load of old nonsense found around these here parts…)

  7. maaaaarrrccccccc!!
    where are ya???!!!
    we are waiting!!!!!!!!!
    dude, we want ya back!

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