A conversation, briefly…

Halfway through shovelling and barrowing a mountain of rubble and broken bricks from one end of a building site to another AD turned to me and said…

‘I love doing this shit…’

‘Why’s that?’ I enquired, slightly bemused.

‘Well – I feel like I’m working hard…’

‘Uh huh’

‘It makes me sweat a lot…’

‘Er – okay…’


‘Uh huh…?’

‘…and most of all… I can’t fuck this up!’

I didn’t surf today. We started on my house though – more of that later…


  1. I agree. There is something intensely satisfying about pounding away, perhaps rhythmically, for hours on end. Sweating. It is good to do this in solitude, but better to share the experience.


  2. I’m glad to say there was none that I was aware of. Either fucking up or Woppit pounding away like a tiny gnome huddled over his little plastic fishing rod reeling in a miniscule goldfish…

  3. 😉 i guess so, i mean, err… i think that’s the best to describe it all!

    oh, i’m on my way to madrid next two weeks! yayyyy!! off for hols with my mummy! 😉

    *more reason to twirl*

  4. huh?? 70steen… 🙁

    penfold, err.. what does that means? oh, or maybe it was directed to penfold? err… 🙂

    confused still, but what the heck… i’m all good! 🙂


  5. sorry for confusion…my fault was refering to misterwoppits removal story where the cat was stuffed with the goldfish then curried….oops

  6. Oh sorry baby it was directed at Pen after all the confusion about cats, fishies and gnomes and rhythmic rods …. what day is it ?????

  7. hi 70s.. 🙂

    oh, in that case, its okay! what day? now, its 7.17am, 7th Nov. 2007 for me. 😉

    off to shower now! *twirl but a bit sleepy*

  8. When i read that i thought ‘ah.. it sounds like he thinks he fucks everything else up. I’m sure he doesnt anymore than the next person.’ Big kisses if he feels like that – made me a bit sad actually. 🙁

    on second thoughts if he is built like a builder person you better lay off the kisses eh? xx

  9. Hey Daddy P….Happy Birthday for yesterday…I cant log into your ‘leave a comment’ page it maybe because I’m blonde or it could be La Laptop…or just the soddin internet….but I do hope you had a splendid time…I had several glasses of wine for you in a deep dark bar…..;-) x x
    Penfold…sorry for using you as a go between x x

  10. Don’t bring the confusion over from DP’s blog – this an area of sanctuary and idyllic calm. Sort of…

    UDH – don’t worry about AD he’s a big strong manly man who only ever cries when he gets splinters or stubs his little toe. x

    BT – no problem. Anything that gets between me and my father is welcome!

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