A few days ago…

the view from out back...

…I was here.

My life was all about surfing in board shorts and factor 50 sun block – Tango in bikinis (grrr) and Huwj in a hammock – banana pancakes and seer fish curry – crazy tuk-tuk rides and endless military checkpoints…

Crows, chipmunks, elephants and peacocks. Banana trees, banyans, palms and papayas. Corrugated iron, mouldy concrete, dirt roads and mobile phone billboards. Poverty, destruction and the biggest smiles on the planet.

A month of sensory overload now dissipating in the decompression chamber of my parents apartment in Eastbourne. One minute I’m in the pearl of the Indian Ocean next I’m getting insulted by Daddy P – it’s a strange life…

I didn’t surf today but I did manage to find a decent cup of tea for a change…

(Loads more photos at flickr)


  1. Sounds like an amazing adventure – the pics are incredible! Got to have a bit of the post-holiday blues… perhaps time to plan the next trip?

  2. Dad – I gave you a miniature jar of marmite…
    What more could you possibly want in life?

    Hi Lizza. Thanks – nice to know there is someone out there in Blogland who isn’t a complete arse.

    Hi gorgeous. You are sitting right next to me as I type this – so I should write something nice. You are loverly. ‘Gis a snog…. xxx

  3. Hi Penfold…..do pop by for tea if you pass through Crystal Palace……I know it’s not quite the same as a fruity cocktail with the gorgeous Tango …but I have chockie biccies to sooth a stretched heart x

  4. Hey Ms Fae – not too bluesy yet thankfully but plans are definitely a fine idea. Things are already in motion for the next outing… x

    Tea sounds loverly Ms BT, not sure I’ll get the time this trip. Say hi to Woppity when you see the old fruit.

  5. oh yes, his many fans! more like the local boys who snagged all the waves off him! How many rupees did you pay to have that wave? hee hee! Post holiday blues got me big time so i did somethang bout it! flying back out sunday. 2 weeks in the UK is long enough!! Rock on Daddy Papersurfer! Wot!

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