A free lunch…

It has been said by many a wise man that there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is quite obviously an untruth as one can obtain such a repast during the midday hours without financial commitment in several ways…

  • Firstly – one can be treated to lunch by a loved one, a friend or someone trying to schmooze you into a business transaction of which you are rightfully wary.
  • Secondly – one can accidentally omit payment due to an emergency arising during lunch; the unexpected onset of labour,  a phone call signifying the occurrence of a car crash involving  someone you love or a small meteorite hitting the table next to you.
  • Thirdly – this is possibly the most common technique for gratis refectorial pleasure; you get the bill, point at something ‘over there’ and run like hell. This all depends on your accurate assessment of the land/speed quotient of your waiter. Be warned though, some larger individuals working in the service industry can develop quite a pace when about to lose a tip…

However there is such a thing as a free book. To be precise 2 free books. I’m giving away a couple of books in a simple competition at the ‘Papersurfer – diary of a middle aged surfer’ facebook page. Simply cast your beady eye across the picture posted there, think of something witty and type it into the comments box below (you need to ‘like’ the page here: facebook.com/papersurferbook before leaving a comment). The one with the most ‘likes’ wins and also the one that the Papersurfer household consider the most worthy (bribery is an acceptable route to take for this option).

See you there and good luck…

I didn’t surf today. Surfing is better than 3D television.

(The picture comes from the most excellent Mis Nopales Art just in time for the Day of the Dead…)


  1. why is it? I can watch my shrek 3d dvd on a normal tele, but now, you have to buy a 3d tv to watch 3d tele?
    I agree tho, surfing is better than 3d tele, but, if they bring out scratch and sniff tele surfings done for and adult programs will never be the same.

    1. Welcome Johnny. It’s like the tech companies are just out there to try and get hold of our money. Absolutely – I don’t think anyone would want to sniff my wetsuit after it’s been sitting in a damp bucket for a week…

  2. Aaahh, could this be the reason for those continuous “I didn’t surf today” posts? I wouldn’t surf today neither if I had to put on a wetsuit – let alone sniff it – that had been sitting in a damp bucket for a week (even if it WAS my pee)

    1. Didn’t your mother teach you to go ‘peepee’ before going out? Mine just smells of damp rubber and sea water… 😉

  3. I found out the hard way not to pee in my 5mm wet suit. All Im gonna say is I did not know that there was a medical term ‘surfers scrot rot’ I kid you not.
    On my second visit (appointment) the doctor (she) remembered me by my genitals. Still dont know if this was good or bad.

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