A glimpse of London…

passing through battersea

… a fantastic steak dinner (medium rare), a few glasses of cider (Magners over ice) and a tot of rum (quite vile) and I find myself waking up on Mr Woppit’s living room floor wedged into a sleeping bag next to a cold cup of tea. I vaguely remember him blustering through at dawn muttering something about how the financial structure of the universe was in dire peril without his expertise. Of course whether this is the case or not I guess I’ll never know…

I’m quite fond of London, I’ve lived there for years on and off. It always amazes me how quickly I feel comfortable moving around the city. It’s never a surprise however, what a relief it is to leave knowing that I’m heading home to the mountains…

A glimpse is all I need.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with London. Love it when I am there, the liveliness of it, the great places to see etc but love to get back to the dark satanic mills of the north also ….. not exactly (or at all) mountains but it is home

  2. yes I am relieved somewhat. but there’s still some “congestion” that I need a little help with penfold.

    ps. make my steak rare or bleu if you’re ever cooking for me

  3. Tweeny – you make your home sound so appealing…

    Howdy Laura – welcome to blogland. Dorothy was very wise. My shoes are broken though – going to have to settle for the plane again…

    Nursie I shall do all I can to aleviate your symptoms. Do you like a pepper sauce on that…?

  4. It is actually very beautiful up here …… not how I described it all (although your Pops is convinvced we still have outside lav’s, whippets, baths in front of the fire (actually that could be fun on occassion) and wear cloggs)

  5. First visit to Papersurfer and I think I’ve already smiled more in 10 minutes than I did all day yesterday. Thanks for that!

    Long ago I met my London pen pal for the first time (in the years well before we had e-mail). She had never lived anywhere else and was resolute that she’d stay there forever. At first I admired hometown pride, but after a few days of exploring the city I thought she was mad! It wasn’t until a few years later that I realized it wasn’t London she loved so much, it was the fact that London was her HOME.

  6. Well I love London…..I do feel that I belong here …for the moment anyway….at least the tea was hot over at my studio……

  7. only nearly perfect…hmmm…..I’ll have to work on that so that next time you pop over the tea will be sheer perfection…..

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