A good blog post…


…is it a rambling footpath through the inner workings of somebody’s warped and troubled mind (possibly mine)?

…or is it short incisive comment on the state of the tiny corner of the universe that we live in – appalling in content but leaving us with hope and a small feeling of pride in humanity?

…maybe it has a title that promises large perky breasts and buns you could bounce quarters off but just delivers a feeling like a slightly used kleenex?

…or perhaps a photograph of Daddy P in his youth with ‘art college hair’ and all his own teeth (mostly)?

There is the possibilty that a short list of random questions is the answer I’m looking for – but I doubt it…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Cup of tea would be nice. Probably…

    Surfing? Good idea – see you tomorrow. Maybe.

    Yes. No. Somewhere in between. Or not. Ish.

  2. Welcome ‘searchingwithin’ – I think all great moments of pontification eminate from a special place that resides within us all envoking spurious moments of uncertainty that offer no real relevance to the meandering muses of any semblance of sanity or rational processing. Do you know what I mean…?

  3. Ms Within – I’m not sure if I’m glad you know what I mean because sure as eggs is baby chickens I haven’t got a Scooby (rhyming slang – ‘Scooby Doo’/clue)…

    All is fine loverly Lizza – just didn’t know what to write (as usual)… x

    Ma – do you think spelling mistakes are relivant at this point…? xxx

    Ms Tango(grrr) – missing your wonderfully unwarped and trouble-free mind a Brazillion.
    Did I say grrr? *\o/*

  4. picked this up somewhere a long the way

    a great blog…

    * Stays on topic, but remains flexible
    * Is informative, but friendly and welcoming
    * Is a conversation, rather than a lecture
    * Makes it hard to leave, but easy to want to
    come back

    how many have I failed on lol

  5. Hmmm m n m would be good Ms UDH. Better than all that thinking nonsense… x

    Thankyou for the answer Mr Beeblebrox. Or was that Mr Dent? In fact – it was Deep Thought. Not again…

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