A lick of paint…

Cabril - open plan living room?

Nearly there...

…all I need to do is run the drains, concrete the floors, pitch the roof, insulate, tile and gutter. Then run the electrics and plumbing, build walls, floors and ceilings. After that I might do some plastering, rendering, jointing, painting and decorating. Following that I could fit some sinks, basins, baths, showers, taps, a washing machine, a cooker and a toilet or three. Maybe some tiles, architrave, skirting board, door knobs, window furniture and some locks but before that I need to fit the windows and doors. After that I need to grout the bathrooms, fit the lights and wire in all the switches and plug fascias. Oh I forgot the stairs. Again.

Then I can come home and put the kettle on in my lovely new kitchen then sink into my big squishy sofa and zone out in front of my giant television and watch an episode of Heroes. Sorted…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Timescale? I reckon sometime in the next century things should be drawing to a close…
    Of course – there’s always room for guests. You’re welcome anytime (bring a shovel and a wheelbarrow!)

  2. blimey – are you trying to atone for sins of the past or something – what a herculean task! you have my forgiveness for any ancient misdemeanours if that helps.
    It will of course be a place of great beauty once it is finished cos you are quite clever like that eh..? 😉 xx

  3. If doing vast amounts of horrendous building work is atonement for sinful behaviour thaen my soul was blessed many a moon ago…
    It is somewhat daunting at the moment as it is the largest project I’ve tackled on my own. Good to challenge your own sanity at times though!

  4. Did you learn nothing as you slowly watched me being ground into the dirt over the years?
    I’m tired for me and exhausted for you.
    Pop down to the Algarve for a break – there’s nothing to do here in the way of work …… apart from ……… no, we’ll talk about that when you arrive. [don’t forget to bring the cement mixer]

  5. omg. i LOVE heroes. i’ve obsessively watched the whole of series one and what’s made of series two online over the past week. now i’ve caught up with the network schedule in america and have a weekly wait in between episodes, living life like a regular joe. the suspense is unbearable. want it here. want it now.

    anyhoo. i will go to santarem. you will pick me up and drive me to the beach. we will laugh, and maybe shiver a little (my imagination is running a bit low… it is chilly in london. i cannot picture warmth).

    wow. this is kind of long for a blog comment. maybe i should’ve emailed you instead?

    oh yeah, and good luck with the house. no sympathy from me, honey, you had a perfectly nice one before you sold it and bought those stoney walls. x

  6. Hey Foxy. I’m the same – just ripped S02E07 from the interweave and am waiting patiently to watch it later when all distractions are tucked up in bed.
    I think shivering may be in order after we’ve surfed and sucked the lemon (which comes after the salt. With a tequila in between!).
    As for the house – sympathy I don’t need. What I require is caffeine, cake and friends who love cement mixers.

  7. Just reading that exhausted me. Mind if I crash on your sofa?

    Re, Heroes…I download the latest episodes too. I literally jumped off my seat and yelled “oh fuck” when I saw the gaijin appear before young Petrelli in the last episode. I know, I’m so easily shocked. Pathetique.

  8. Stinky – one thing I really like about Heroes is the character building and the lack of CG overload. More Hiro needed though!

    Helena – I’m thinking I’ll be watching series 13 or 14 by the time I get into that sofa…

  9. Gosh I must be missing out…I don’t have a TV now it died and I didn’t replace it…what on earth is Hero’s…? Your house looks as if it has great potential ….I’m very good at painting and cleaning up…..and pouring beer…forget the tea …

  10. Don’t worry BT I have the whole lot on my computer so when you come over to do the decorating we can sit down in the evenings (you with a beer, me with a nice cup of tea) and watch them…

  11. coorr what an offer…can’t wait…I’ll bring my own t- bags as I like girlie grey…but I’ll drink the local beer….

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