A little blue…

loads more bluebells

… sometimes when you’ve been away for a while things just don’t seem to fit for a few days.

You get that feeling that some tiny core element within you has been changed forever and your home environment is tragically unaware of it. You wander through the day with an air of displacement and surreal loss – going through the motions yet knowing that something essential is missing or an element is out of place (a little like Daddy P at a writing convention or a humour award ceremony…)

Of course this feeling soon dissloves and daily life slowly regains its vibrancy and depth enhanced eventually by the memories of an amazing journey …

It won’t stop me missing Tango for the next few weeks (did I mention that I’m going to Canadialand?) but it will make the time flow a little easier.

I didn’t surf today (maybe tomorrow).


  1. missing something you love really hurts dont it fella? You have my empathy. There is a quote somewhere about sorrow carving a hole inside you so you can hold joy or something…bleedin hippies.
    We are going to have to start calling you papersetter or jetsurfer or …. actually i’ll stop now before i hurt myself.

    All these trips around the world! Enjoy 🙂 xxx

  2. 70’s – you think I should send Tango my ‘donkey/horse’ hybrid? I’m not sure we’ve reached that level of commitment yet…

    Thankyou Ms Fae – I shall be waiting on Vancouver Island dressed only in a huge amount of neoprene (just looked at the surf report and it’s freezing there)…

    Ma – thems is from Badger Lane near Rolvenden what we did see.

    Miss UDH – steady on or your brain might pop. Thank you for your empathy – I shall try to have fun… xxx

  3. Miss Fae doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Canadialand has some incredible surf! Bring a thick rubber. Hee!

  4. Hi Nursie – didn’t see much in the way of lingerie boutiques I’m afraid. If you’d asked for a fake Adidas vest or a pair of square flip flops…

    Well Twinny – hopefully I’ll get the chance to check the waves on both sides of the border! I prefer a good quality thinner rubber – more flexible and sensitivity to movement…

  5. carry on double entendre hell, your sounding more like papasmurfer every day!!!
    hope to see you soon

  6. Hey DB – don’t know what you’re implying. We were having an intellectual discussion about wetsuit technology. Hope all is good – will be down to play soon I hope…

    November – don’t worry – all wrongs will be righted soon. I think we’re nearly there. Just looking out of the window… xxx

    DP – there there dear. You just have a little sit down and a nice cup of tea.

  7. Oh my I don’t know enough about all of this to make any worthy contribution.

    I only have your dad’s information to depend on. And, ummmm…well we all know that sometimes DP gets carried away.

    That’s why he is becoming a blogging super star.

    I just stopped by to say thank you for taking the time to pop over.

    Hi 70’s, Nursie, DP, and everyone else!!

    Thanks again:-)

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