A monster love

Once upon a time there was a pile of decaying corpses festering in a dumpster at the back of a biological research facility…destined for incineration and rodential ingestion these mangled body parts had sent their last heart shaped helium balloon to the unrequited love of their lives. Or had they…?

Just because you’re cobbled together in the garden shed of a maniacal pretend surgeon doesn’t mean you don’t feel anything. Just because your head is held on with a reverse threaded stainless steel bolt from B&Q doesn’t mean you can’t cry.

Everybody has a heart – even if it used to belong to a random farm animal…

‘Monster love’ is the latest in a line of designs that have found their way out of my head and onto the front of tshirts (currently for sale at the Papersurfer shopping emporium).

I’d like to thank everybody that has been supporting me at the Mambo artist search competition. You are all loverly yes you are.

I didn’t surf today. Next week surely…


  1. I’d just like to say I own a Papersurfer tshirt and it’s changed my life. I used to have little hope, a bad attitude and a hump. Getting out of bed was difficult. The eager anticipation of donning my new tshirt has revitalised me completely – unless I wear it as a nightie of course. In that case I stay au lit admiring myself in the mirror on the ceiling.

  2. Have you got the weather for surfing? If so you ARE lucky – it’s FILTHY here. I HATE it.
    (I shall be grumbling like this until at least April, or my next visit to Surfugal, whichever comes soonest, so get used to it.)(X)

    Btw, it IS a nice t shirt.

    1. Just gaze into Dad’s eyes. You could lose your self in the eternal depths of his mind.

      Mind you – there’s nothing to hide behind in there so best to do it in the dark…

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