A new decade…

misty lines

…as Nina Simone once said “it’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life and I’m feeling somewhat flaccid and a tad bilious.”

Ever since the sinus explosion incident of 2008, the prospect of getting a head cold has been slightly more daunting than for most people – the congestion tends to crawl into parts of my body that mucus has no business being in. This of course leads to a malingering bout of malaise that inevitably involves much horizontal introspection and televisually induced cerebral cauterisation. During this recent bout of snot induced psychosis I have discovered several things about the blogiverse:

My father is obsessed with Ginger Nuts (a small, round ginger flavoured cookie found in the UK) for their crunchy, gingery goodness.

My loverly Tango likes rabbits (a small er furry rodent found in the woods) because they are cute and fuzzy.

My mother still likes my father (a small brained ginger flavoured rodent found in woods in the UK) for no reason that I can fathom. But after nearly a Brazillion years (well – 43) of being married to the old scrote, I won’t hold that against her (I’m quite fond of him really).

Conclusion: I need a large dose of Codeine, a medicinal vat of brandy and an extended  lie down.

I didn’t surf today – forecast looks good for next week – might be the only way to sluice my head out…

(more photos on my flickr page)


  1. It’s just that I’ve got a highly developed sense of responsibility – after all, nobody else would have him.

    Get well soon. xxx

  2. aw – thought they did a sinus-ectomy on you? what a huge bother : /

    on another note: happy new year — are you coming to hawaii with us in 2010 (june 26 – july 3)?

  3. HNY man – I surfed on New Year’s Day and my testicles retracted back from whence they came. I like Ginger nuts too – but don’t read too much into that.

    1. I do love hearing about the relative altitude of your tenders Mr BB. As for the Ginger Nut issue some of my best friends like them. Honest they do.

  4. I heard someone use the word ‘brazillion’ on tv the other day. I am interested to know from whence this neologism originated… My best theory so far is that it is ‘an infathomable number that lacks determination by any man, derived from man’s similarly futile attempts to ascertain, understand, reckon or recall his partner’s bra size.’ Am I onto something, or just on something?

    Happy and Decongested New Decade!

    1. I absolutely agree with at least one of those facts. Unless I don’t, in which case my rational thought parameters may have been wrenched into a state of paradoxical flux that only invasive surgery with power tools can unravel.

      Happy New Year to you too!

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