A quick moan before breakfast…

My apologies if anyone has been experiencing difficulties accessing this site. I wrote a stiff email to my beloved hosting company threatening them with court action, a dead leg and a chinese wrist burn from my son. They buckled immediately and normal service was resumed. It seems they have had trouble with their servers again (an extremely rare and unlikely incident apparently).

So if anyone needs a sporadic and unreliable web hosting service I can do nothing more than steer you toward Fasthost.

It must be said that despite their random and unsatisfactory product they have always been extremely polite…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Hey Dolphin Boy – how’s the surf? Will be down next week for the hogroast (I hope!).
    I was dumped in a cardboard box in an alley in Lewisham and brought up by town foxes. I never knew my real father…

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