A rare shot….


I’m normally behind the camera so photos of me surfing are as rare as rocking horse shite. This was taken by a random passer by (Ollies cousin Ben – he’s quite random and happened to be passing by)…

It was clean and loverly and the water was warm. Above I’m just taking off and lining up for what was a very nice wave indeed….

Big grin at Almagreira

…and here is the grin afterwards.

I’ll post some more at flickr later.

I did surf today. Ooh and yesterday and the day before. Might go for one later too…

…and the next day and the next day woo hoo…..

17 Replies to “A rare shot….”

  1. Twinfinnegan – obviously all the best surfers are goofy – er well we are anyway and that’s what counts…

    Madame Dixie – I’ve always been able to count on my parents to boost my self esteem.

    Ms Paw – some of the best surf in Europe. Could this just be coincidence or random happenchance…?

  2. Hey Penfold – great pics! As an Aquarian I really love (mostly watching) water sprots. Maybe one day I’ll have the confidence to surf. I used to do synchronised swimming but I doubt if I’d ever conquer a giant wave.

    Nice to see the little one drawing. That I can do with confidence. Hope he keeps up the interest!

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