A really good idea…


…as soon as you find out that there might be a fuel shortage you should rush out and buy as much as you can. Fill up your car, your fuel cans and even half a dozen or so 5 litre water bottles. Then on your way home pop into the supermarket and buy as much fresh produce as possible therefore depriving all the people in the country who have no access to television, radio or the internet (making them blissfully unaware of the situation) of food and transport for the foreseeable future…

Now that would be a brilliant idea.

Luckily I have half a box of Frosties and some stale rice cakes. Also (luckily) I have an internet connection so have made alternative arrangements to get to the airport for tomorrow morning. Luckily the Portuguese transport system is excellent (they send your ticket to your mobile – how cool is that?) and luckily the hotel will have a really good shower and aircon ‘cos it is roasty toasty today.

Nothing must stop me getting to my flight from London to Vancouver because there is some serious canoodling to be done

I didn’t surf today. Maybe I’ll get a donkey…


  1. I must say … I can’t wait to meet you!!

    I know, there maybe someone ahead of me at the airport that is a weeee bit excited now that her exam is over.

    Wow. That’s all I can say.

  2. Rev and DP – the donkey looks fairly rotund already but does seem to be a very rare miniature breed unsuitable for haulage purposes.

    Hi Wendy – looking forward to meeting you too. In fact I think I can nearly see your house from here…

    70’s – the only thing that Gertrude is good for is mixing cocktails and looking pretty…

    (PS – thanks for the lift – I’m already here…)
    (PS – hi Mum)

  3. i know how that donkey feels.

    hope you have wonderful time canoodling in canadialand. can you bring us back a couple of mounties ta. xxxxx

  4. Is he perhaps suitable for hauling light loads? We outfit our dogs with tiny backpacks made just for them when we go hiking. They get to carry all their own water/food, thus relieving their weary owners-

  5. i hope you think of my smiling face at the crucial moment!and dont forget my root beer.
    have lots of fun and and! and! and!

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