A sad day for satire…

…George W Bush once said “They misunderestimated me.” and he was right.

What on earth will the satirists do now that Barack Obama is President of the US of A? He’s charismatic, intelligent and articulate and quite likely capable of running a country.

We’ll miss you George W. but not in the way you would have hoped for…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. australian politicians – not exaclty satire material but truly eyeopening – they are a unique education in debating etiquette. imagine if british ministers described their opponents as ‘the offspring of woman with a sheeps arse for a face’. would liven up the campaigns a bit….might even move people to actually get off their own arses and vote…

    1. Australian politician. Isn’t that an oxymoron of some sort? Mr Brown looks a bit like a sheeps rear end – is he an Aussie?

  2. Did i mention that we Kiwis are having an election too,he is called Mr Winston Peters ,please google him to see what a tumescent election really looks like,hes absolutely brilliant.Fnarr fnarr.
    Ps Obama can dance !
    PPS Now he is president elect of Us of A perhaps he could have a word with the microsoft spellcheck nerds as his name came up as Alabama when i tried typing it.

    1. Hi Huge. Nice to see you are keeping abreast of the world from down there. Have a happy election (ag ag oops). Next time I bump into Barack I’ll mention it…

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