All it takes…


…is a little bit of motivation. It’s very easy to spend your life looking down, focusing on your work, your home or the tiny things that fill your day. Shit I’ve run out of waterproof grout or if I don’t fuel Dad’s blog the world will implode (scientifically proven apparently). These things can wrap you up like a 1980’s snorkel coat and suffocate you so sometimes I forget to look up from my daily toil and breathe in the mountains that surround me and sometimes I forget to look up and see my son doing something extraordinary and new. Sometimes I even forget to read Daddy P’s blog

Yesterday somebody very loverly reminded that I have a big fat motorcycle. So I dragged it out of the pile of leaves that it was hiding under, cajoled it into life and took it for a spin – nowhere in particular – I didn’t pop to the council office to pay my miniscule water bill or to the minimercado to buy some delicious chocolate muffins. Just went for a ride. And bleedin’ marvellous it was too…

Nuts – forgot the muffins – where’s my keys…?

I didn’t surf today.


  1. [heavy sigh] i’d have one, but many bad drivers where i live. scariest? the elder folk, turn signals on since they bought the car, straddling 2 lanes, out to buy batteries for hearing aids. since i have no bike, i get a proximal boost by hopping in my old jeep, topless, and going nowhere… [heavier sigh]

  2. No we wouldn’t Daddykins…

    Hey Twin. Nice indeed. How’s the surf over there?

    Is that the jeep that’s topless. If not – can I ride shotgun…?

  3. What an excellent post. Sometimes you just need to do nothing but what’s good for the soul.

    Of course, in my world, good for the soul includes muffins. 😉

  4. I had a day with my head out of the routine fuzz…. took off for a while this afternoon with my pup to trek across the rather muddy fields near where I live (which I haven’t done in ages). It was bloody freezing but what a great cobweb clearing experience. It just has to be done to remind ourselves just what is important to feed the soul

  5. alas, just the jeep is topless. the new ‘twins’ are nice, but spending the night in jail for indecent exposure arrest wouldn’t feed my soul. some passengers have been inspired to stand up in the back seat, hold onto the roll bar and do a ‘kate winslet’ – screaming ‘i’m flying! i’m flying!’

  6. hey i hope that pic wasn’t taken in Portugal
    cos if it were then your gonna have a head on with someone!!
    and yes i might be getting all the surf but hey im jealous cos i want to be riding a big bad bike

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