All was quiet…

koi detail

…having been caught up in the Fasthosts security nonsense (both parts of their name teetering on the brink of oxymoronic) my blog was shelved for a while. They are not even the Muppets of the webhosting world. They are the Fraggles…

I’d like to tell you how much a single life can change in those few fragile moments of existence – how a universe can shift on it’s axis and lives be miraculously altered by the mystical beating of a butterfly’s wing…

In the real world I grouted a bathroom at the Grindstone and plumbed in my septic tank…

I didn’t surf today that much is clear. My koi is finished however and I love it…


  1. Pen you are your fathers son (I know you try to deny it & I fully understand why) so ‘old toss’ is to be expected with of course a certain youthful flair or is that flares lol

  2. you’re back!! hurrah (doing crazy little dance like twirlybabygirl)

    I can afford the airfare but the gimcrack won’t let me out for xmas 🙁

    is sri lanka half way for both of us? 🙂

    I’ll send you a special stocking photo nearer to xmas xx

  3. Why thank you Nursie. Sri Lanka is looking better by the day – if they won’t give you a Christmas pass then you’d better plan to fill my birthday stocking instead (us Arians are very demanding!).

  4. oh thank goodness..i was about to send out a search party. i’ve got some drunk stockings somewhere around here…any good? xx

  5. Miss UDH – drunken stockings are excellent. Good if they stay up for a while before falling down though…. x

    DP – ?

    Cripes Twinny you be careful – carry on like that and I’ll be doing 360 airs before long… x

  6. for you baby they could stay up all night xx

    btw my bathroom needs regrouting if you are in the area any time soon..

  7. Lizza – you’re back too! Double yay. It’s a ‘ghost’ koi apparently… x

    Tweeny – I love grouting very much – it’s a passion of mine. Not.

    Miss insideouteybrain – I believe I may be passing your region over the yuletide festivities. We should have a hot toddy and check the stamina of your stockings… x

  8. holy cow – i need to get down the gym to work on my thighs then. Better go and find something pink and useless to wear…. x

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