Ancient history part 1


There was a time when I used to set fire to myself for a living.

It didn’t pay very well but the benefits were good – I didn’t have to shave very often (any part of my body), I had a great deal at the local hardware store for paraffin and wicks and I always had a light on me.

I would juggle it, blow it out of my mouth, rub it all over my near naked body, eat it and then shove it down my pants. Sometimes on stilts. Most of these things are not recommended under normal circumstances. Or in fact – under any circumstances.

My stages varied from street corners to bass bins at Pacha and for several years the life of a wandering minstrel was mine. Obviously things have gradually changed and occassionally I have a misty-eyed moment but all I have to do is remember the taste in my mouth and the burns on my skin…

I’ve stuck a few pics on flickr of some ancient buses, a beautiful lady and a shed on wheels. All of these things were at some point very important to me, most of them I hope I’ll never see again.

I didn’t surf today. Hopefully next weekend if the Grindstone lets me loose for a few days!


  1. The only bit I didn’t know about was ‘down my pants’. It’s no substitute for washing though I suppose the smell of singeing might disguise a multitude of medical problems.

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