Another day at the orifice…


Dear Mr and Mrs Loverly Clients,

today I took your old roof off, got sunburned, knackered and have dirt in places no dirt sould be. Tired now. Goodnight.

Penfold (the builder)

PS I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of bribery to weedle votes for Big Blogger from everybody but I shall just rely on the good nature, generosity and integrity of my readers. Of course if you don’t vote I shall hunt you down like a dog and there will be deadlegs, Chinese wrist burns and spams all round. Okay??


Thank you.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Dad – you are my saviour. I’ll tell him so he can get practising!
    Drew – thanks mate. Tell everybody in the whole blogiverse…

  2. monkey bump = punch a poor sap’s thigh (or shoulder) with your middle digit knuckle. If done correctly…..hurts like a bitch & leaves a lovely bruise.

  3. Dead leg and dead arm seem to be covered nicely by the term monkey-bump. I shall be ‘explaining’ the translation to the old git when I see him…

  4. I hope you cleaned the places where no dirt should be before you went to sleep.

    I’ve voted for you at least twice. Where’s my prize? And stop poking me, it tickles.

  5. Lovely Lizza you can share my prize when I win! Thoroughly scrubbed thankyou (inspections are welcome). I like poking you, won’t stop, you can’t make me…

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