Another year has slipped by…


…and I have a few more lonely follicles on my cranium and a crease or two on my face that weren’t there a year ago (from ‘smiling a lot’ said a close and amiably untruthful friend) but all in all the year hasn’t been too shabby.

The work to surf ratio has been a little low this year due to the Grindstone being so … er ….grindy – so if I was to make a New Years resolution it would have to be to remedy that apalling statistic. You must of heard of that old saying – “All work and no surf makes Penfold a grumpy bastard that you want to keep well clear of…”

So if your mistletoe isn’t too limp from overuse at Christmas then have a slug of champers, join in with a rousing rendition of Auld Lange Syne and stick your tongue down a stranger’s neck. If you’re really lucky you’ll wake up with your hand in the wrong knickers and half a doner kebab on your face…

I didn’t surf today.

PS don’t forget to pop in at the fmb party


  1. I shall be asleep…this year has been very shabby and will be glad to see the back of it…then I shall wake up with no hangover and go to my favourite restaurant for lunch and snog the barman (I don’t know him …so I can do that)…….. I’m with you both on the painting…..and catch you in the dark place in CP penfold ….HAPPY NEW YEAR x x x x x x x

  2. Sorry ma – just reminiscing really…

    Cheers Ms Paw – the same to you too! xxx

    Thankyou Twinny – may the swell of 2008 be clean, green and peeling forever… x

    Likewise Mr C – festive felicitations to you and yours.

  3. Hey big boy you still around – i saved you some mistletoe and a stocking or two…
    Wishing all you fishy people lots of swells and tubes and things for 2008.
    For all us non surfers, lots of love and peace and coffee to die for. xxxx

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