Anybody here like dolphins…?


There are those who don’t like dolphins. Understandable I guess – swimming around the planet without a care in the world. Frolicking around in the water, doing somersaults and flips, twists, turns and generally dossing about having a good time. Jealousy is a powerful thing so a modicum of animosity toward these good for nothing oceanic loafers is to be expected…

Up until the point they get savagely hacked up and shoved into cans and stacked in Tescos next to the Tuna steaks in olive oil.

If you have the stomach head over to Surf Nation and check out the horrific vid of the annual cull in Japan or check out Save Japan Dolphins.

I personally love these animals – I’ve been lucky enough to swim and surf with them in the wild. I found their grace and personality breathtaking. If I was there I’d be on the frontline too…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Even if I never swam with them, I like dolphins.
    Thanks for making this known, that picture of the beach, after the slaughter is disturbing… Unreal what people will do and get away with.

  2. It’s heartbreaking knowing that these fine mammals are slaughtered, especially when they share the ability to communicate with we humans so well.

  3. It is terrible such glorious, beautiful creatures. You are so lucky to have swam & surfed with them Pen.
    I have a friend in Canada and I regularly get e mails from the Captain of the Sea Shepherd via her, as her son is on board. They are doing a great job out there with Dolphins and all ocean wildlife & I do try to berate who I can, hoping it will make a difference

  4. hey there… 🙂

    mr. penfold… 🙂 i like dolphins… err, scratch that! i love ’em! *twirl happily*

    really! i think dolphins are so adorable! and, yuppp!! they cute too! and eh, i think they can twirl! yayyyyyy!!! 😉

  5. i think that only a beautiful human being would be given the chance to experience such a rare and precious treat like that. you must have earned it somewhere fella. xxx

  6. Tweeny – cheers for the link. They are an extremely admirable bunch of nutters…

    Well Ms UDH – I’m not sure that’s true but thank you anyway (as for the photographer – I think it was a truck driver called Doris – I can try and get her number if you like?)

  7. haven’t actually swum with dolphins but have fed one in shallow water. that was really something.

    oh and I’ve got a dolphin vibrator too. but maybe I’m getting a bit off the track…..

  8. I have sailed many times with dolphins…when I lived in Australia in another life….they just love to race a good fast racing boat and I always feel safe when they are around for the dolphin can spot trouble ……I’ll be on the front line with you penfold where they are concerned….happy thursday to you.

  9. What an awesome picture. I envy you, you got to enjoy their company in the ocean. Some people are just so damn fortunate.

    And, laughing my ass off at nursemyra’s mention of her pet dolphin…

  10. A lot of chatter going on….across blogs & surf forums regarding this matter. Difficult argument. I don’t agree with the manner in which the dolphins are slaughtered….however….I’m with you in regards to “who decides which meat is appropriate to eat”. Perhaps it strikes so close to home with people in the fact that these “fish” aren’t actually “fish”…..but intelligent mammals. …not unlike ourselves. (well…most of us anyways)

    btw….I’ve surfed with dolphins……absolutely amazing experience.

  11. Indeed – an ‘interesting’ conversation I’ve had with many a vegan (I was one myself for a few years!) but one generally best avoided. Although everybody needs to draw their own line otherwise we’d all be cannibals…

  12. hi lizza and 70s!

    I kinda like that we meet on other blogs. ‘scuse us penfold while we talk about vibrators for a moment……

    I’ve also got a “glow in the dark alien” vibrator. what is it with v. manufacturers? I’d be happy with a realistic facsimile. why would I bed down with aliens and dolphins?

    (both of them were presents from female friends who thought I’d appreciate the joke. of course I’d never put batteries in them 🙂

  13. sorry Pen……

    a glow in the dark alien????? a kind of scary close encounter of some kind. what will they think of next? Maybe I am best not knowing lol 😉

  14. Don’t mind me ladies – I feel this is the perfect location for you to discuss your electronic genital agitators. My personal favorite is the good old rabbit – simple and perfect for all social events.
    I should keep one in my bedroom drawers in case I have unexpected visitors who come unexpectedly…

  15. oh come now penfold, I’m sure you don’t need any vibrating backup.

    just the sight of you would probably do it for me

    especially if you were holding some wood

  16. I’ve never seen a shot as beautiful as that of dolphins, penfold. I also caught the story the other night of the ‘hunt’ you mentioned, and the girl from ‘Heroes’ being attacked there.

    I was glad my younger children hadn’t seen it, but I’m glad to show them this picture here you’ve got for us.


  17. Beautiful picture of the dolphins in the wave. Have never swam with them, but have seen their fins poke out of the water in the Gulf of Mexico before. Thought they were shark fins and panicked at first since I had been hearing all the horror stories of shark attacks in the news.

    At one time while I was sitting on the beach near Panama City, Florida, I saw all people around me heading into the sea with slightly daze looks, as if they had been called into the sea, like a scene straight out of “cocoons”. Turned out there were a whole group of dolphins right in front of me. Took my breath away.

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