Anybody home?

I’m only posting today because, quite frankly, I am sick to the back 9 of that stupid bee on the post below. I really have nothing to say. Nada. Zip. Diddly squat. Absolutamentally sweet Fanny Adams. There is no thing that is more like nothing than the thing that is not a thing that is here right now. If I had any more to not write about I would be deleting previous posts just to make way for the vacuous chasm that would be opening up for the giantness of its non-existence.

So here is a photograph of a man in giant rubber trousers telling his wife he is stuck in traffic on the IP8 just outside Caldas da Rainha and he should be home before lunch. If his pants weren’t all wet and rubbery they would be on fire…

Ay didne surf today (trying out different accents).


  1. Mindless drivel …… where on earth did you get that from?

    I’m pleased to see that the Dead Monkey Society hasn’t vandalised your blog though ….. I would have thought it was a prime target ……

  2. erm…this might be a daft question, but cant you just switch the bee off? i read a good piece in the newspaper on saturday (yes i can read!) that said we should practice being bored more often. We fill our brains with stuff to do all the time, especially in the age of computers and iphones, and dont very often give it a chance to just ‘be’. I miss just staring vacantly out of a window letting thoughts just waft in and out. In my case thoughts waft in and out quite quickly cos there isnt much to get in their way…but you know what i mean….i think they used to call it daydreaming…. 🙂 xx

    1. I don’t have any real issues with the bee, I’m just whiffling. I try to set aside some time for daydreaming – where do you think all this rubbish comes from on this blog? Surely not the mind of someone without the perfect amount of boredom in their lives… x

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