Apis Banksius

The Graffiti bee (Latin name – Apis Banksius)

This is a very rare photograph of the renegade wall tagging nuisance caught defacing a national monument in the historical City of London. Having recently gained popularity with the masses this tiny airborne vandal has become a sort of peeny weeny ‘Robin Hood’ for the 21st century – scrawling his irreverent nonsense across the walls of the World.

His recent works have been bought by well known celebrity figures such as Timothy Mallet and Scott Baio and he has rumoured to have been subjected to a piercing in depth interview by the deep and piercing Rikki Lake.

If you see this miniscule sprayer of destruction please contact the appropriate insect outlaw authorities. Or, preferably, calmly roll up the nearest newspaper and deal with this edifice daubing monster with some swift squishy justice…

(You can find more photoshoppery by rooting around my flickr pages)

I didn’t surf today.


  1. I’m in a squishing mood. The weather is foul, gale force winds are ripping through the runner beans and my hanging basket (!), it’s raining, him indoors is groaning. Squish him – don’t like the colour scheme.

    1. Sounds like a perfect day in paradise. Has Grumpypants been to the dentist yet or is he being all ‘manly’ about it? Maybe whack him with a newspaper – might take his mind off his malaise… x

      (Give him a big squishy hug from me)

  2. we discovered a giant wasp nest in the yard a couple days ago…..damn things had taken over a defunct yard light. The nest is inside the light fixture….about the size of a basketball. Luckily…no tagging. Yet…


    1. Bastard buzzy, stingy things. Someone threw a wasp nest at me once (accidentally apparently). I was quite lumpy for a while.

      I have now developed a completely rational fear of yellow and black stripy flying objects.

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