Apologies on behalf of Fasthosts.

They have the honour of hosting the inimitable Daddy papersurfer and have neglected to unlock his blog after a bandwidth contestation.

I have tutted at them via email and given them a small bribe but to no avail.

So if anyone is desperate for a small bit of his incessant ramblings – be patient he will return. To some this will be a relief – for others a difficult moment to deal with. My thoughts are with you all…

I surfed today. But I don’t want to bang on about it…

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  1. Okay, I admit it, I’m a bit desperate for his posts.

    But since we can’t read them, tell us about your surfing today. Not that it’s a substitute for DaddyP’s post… really, it isn’t.

    P.S. I did tell you that you have a terrific grin, didn’t I?

  2. Tell the DaddyP I shall rally the other pirates and we shall plunder the damn fools if you don’t get some satisfaction soon.

    The surf shot is awesome. I imagine you take after the TG in looks for honestly, you don’t look anything like his avatar.

  3. oh dear it is a bad case of blogitis……. poor TG!!!! Steady on Frac I am enjoying the peace for the moment 🙂
    p.s. on the photee front I see you must favour your mum’s looks

  4. Lizza – you may have mentioned it but I’m quite happy to hear it again. Oh and again and again…
    (surf report coming later)

    Fracas – I’m going to have to move both blogs if this keeps on. Bleedin’ rubbish it is. As for the looks, surprisingly my father is rather dashing even though he’d like us all to believe the opposite! My mother is of course beautiful too so thankyou either way…

    Ms Teenyweeny – me too. Maybe it was sabotage…?
    (you perhaps…?)

    Hang on Daddy I’ll save you. Just got to go for a quick surf…

    Nursie – no I wasn’t aware of this dastardley plot!
    …and you don’t need to bid anything ‘cos you can have me for nada….

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