Ask Penfold anything (again)…


The first question that I’ve decided not to completely ignore (ie not written by Daddy P) is

Kevin D asks –

How do I stop sylvied deleting your Dad’s comments?

Next in line was Linky Love who wants to know

a – Why does DaddyP loves to eat his nose?

b – What kind of surfing accident speed or surfing accident you need to get to eat your nose like DaddyP?

Then the loverly Lizza enquired…

Why do surfers say silly things like hang ten? Just how do you hang a ten? Is DaddyP a ten?

70’s Teen very wisely asks…

There is a term over here called ‘Bingo Wings’ (I mentioned it in post recently) It is ‘Tuck Shop Arms’ in Oz. What is the term in Surfugal????

Huwjenkins wanted to know quite simply…

Where is my other half?

Miss UDH required the answer to…

No matter how bad things seem Ray Lamontagne always makes it feel better – how the devil does he do that, speak to your soul and calm it down that way. Music that says ‘there there, everything will be alright’ ?

Also which is the superior late night snack marmite on toast or peanut butter and salad cream on toast?

The answers to these pertinent probings may be found here at Ask Penfold anything at fmb’s very own our blog.

I surfed today. Oh yes I did and it was good. More about that later…


  1. Is AD homosexuel?
    i mean its ok for me, i respekt everybody…..just asking.
    and where does all the wind comes from……which is blowing out of his ass? 🙂

  2. Also which is the superior late night snack marmite on toast or peanut butter and salad cream on toast?

    Well, thats easy. Salad cream is the way forward. Don’t forget that the British Empire was built on Salad Cream. Yes indeed, if it wasn’t for Salad Cream we’d all be walking about in jackboots and speaking Azerbaidjani to each other.

  3. Mr Woppit i think you might be right you know. Penfold suggested lemon curd too which has just sent me into a whirling frenzy of confusion now and so i may have to resort to goats cheese and cranberry sauce and be done with it. Baaahhhhh….. x

  4. El dudelrijo – you and AD obviously have a lot to talk about. I suggest you do it in person – maybe in some kind of paddling pool/jelly scenario…?

    Quite right Woppity old fruit. Where would we be? Possibly Upper Norwood and that would just be wrong…

    Miss UDH – don’t be confused. Have one of each.

    AD – (see above)

    DP – shame. I’m gutted…

  5. having ones cake and eating it?ive not thought of that option before.
    but i fear pain will be involved at some point in the proceedings,if i take this advice.
    curiosity did kill the cat albeit after 8 attempts.

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