Ask Penfold anything…

This week I seem to have been inundated with with fascinating and probing questions. It has been a most illuminating experience for me – in many ways.

First up (as usual) is Daddy P who has a number of queries…
Can Americans with attitude and little hair surf? I’m only asking for a friend.
Why does Sylvie like oysters?
Penfold – are women allowed to ask questions?

Sylvie asks…
Penfold…are elderlies allowed on surfing board?
Are you sure we can ask you anything?

Kevin D enquires…
Who is going to win the Rugby World Cup as I want to put a tenner on it?

Tiny Toes asks…
Is he really your father? Have you proof one way or the other? Do jellyfish think or do they only think they think?

Paula the Queen of all things Piratey asks…
Why do cruise missiles land in Bulgaria and missing hat inspired curses don’t?

Random passer by ponders…
Does he think he thinks do you think he thinks he does?

Archie asks…
Should we blog without a T-shirt?

This answers to this post will be be appearing at fuelmyblog’s very own ‘our blog‘ at

Ask Penfold – anything….

Please feel free to probe me deeply in any way that you feel fit. Post your questions here, there
or anywhere.

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Can I ask … if I surf and retain the information in my small brain cell will I win ‘Who Want’s to be a Millionaire?’ because the answer to their Q is I do!!

  2. I think that’s a fine idea Sylvie – unlike Archie I recommend that you post the results…
    DP and Ms Teen – you need to settle this like grown ups and sort it out with some thumb wrestling.

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