Ask Penfold…..


…you can ask me whatever you like – I have no secrets but today I am mostly answering some questions about surfing that have been left for me.

This answers to this post will be be appearing at fuelmyblog’s very own ‘our blog‘ at Ask Penfold – anything…

The first from the venerable Daddy Papersurfer is regarding search engines.

When surfing, what, in your opinion is the best search engine?

The second and third are from the great Kevin Dixie himself – well known website coagulator and all round semi French person.

I’d like to know if you can surf with out a t-shirt. I say surf, I mean bellyboard, me and my son get rashes.

And lastly…

When the sea is really “rough” ie big waves, how do the guys on surf boards take one second to get out beyond the breakers and me on foot takes about ten mins?

If anyone has any other questions they wish me to answer then please leave them in the comments or the forum. They don’t have to be related to surfing – be wild and imaginative ask me anything about anything – I’ll make something up…

If you don’t I shall be forced to make up questions and that would be a bit like cheating…..

I did surf today. It was magnificent – 4 foot, clean, glassy and only 4 of us out…..


  1. Sorry Tiny Toes – was that first question a question for ‘Ask Penfold’? Or just a question to be ignored?
    As for the next few – please return next weekend for the appropriate level of answeriness…
    Interesting Q there PQ. I shall do some research for you…
    Randompasserby – that depends. I shall look into it.

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