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Aphrodisiac flyer 1st August '92

I’ve been blogging for over three years now – the original thinking wasn’t an outlet for my mental dribblings and prolifery of procrastination but somewhere to post my music. At the time I couldn’t find the technological language to create what I wanted. But I finally cracked it – the blog design, the audio enclosure, ftp uploading, a flash-based audio player – the whole shibang.

Of course my decks have been buried in a pile of old curtains and sheep skulls in a trailer at the bottom of the garden for quite some time so much practice may be needed before those heady days of Aphrodisiac can be reachieved (maybe more mud and alcohol too).

The following is a mini mix of old and new done on real turntables with real vinyl by a real human DJ (all beautifully proven by the shocking mix about 2/3 of the way through). It needs to be be played very loud – especially at around 9 minutes and 12 seconds when the bass comes back in. If you’re not dancing at that point then you may as well turn it off…


I will at some point dust off all the old classics and cobble them together for general consumption. If, for some reason you do want to download this mix; right click on this link and save to your computer…

I didn’t surf today. Big storms passing through. Next week looks better…


  1. That takes me back to an Elizabethan house where the craft was being learnt and my children were lucky to survive ………. oooooo, and considerations of opening up a very odd vehicle museum …….

    1. If I thought I didn’t know what you were talking about which I think (surprisingly) in this case I do (whereas normally I don’t) I wouldn’t think to know whether or not you know what you were talking about but I do know that you think you know even if I thought I know you don’t think. Probably.

        1. I was equally surprised to find that on this occasion, unlike many many others, I also thought I might have a very faint inkling, or the merest whisper of an idea, about that which he may or may not have been – I hesitate, is thinking too strong a word? – about.

    1. Good point Ma. I was just thinking about a Tango-esque mix of some sort – just to keep on track with current events x

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