Been busy lately….?

…we started off with something like this…


…did a bit of this…


…and ended up with some stuff like this…

more living room ceiling

You can find a few more photos on my flickr page. Quite tired now – I might go and have a snooze…

Nuts – I forgot to fit the kitchen – back in a bit…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. Finally, some piccies. You see,the stairs turned out all right after all. Not at all bad for a beginner, mlpbkins, with a bit more practice you’ll be as good as your father!!!

  2. Ta Tweeny – the view is stunning at the back of the house. Lucky bastards…

    Welcome Ms Upsidedowneyhead. Thankyou(I had a great education). Can I have marmite on my toast – I seem to remember you’re an excellent maker of toastable comestibles… xxx

    Ma – reaching Dad’s level of craftsmanship is something I can only dream of…

    Sophie – I’d love to but you’d have to join the queue I’m afraid. You should have bought one of those nice concrete boxes they sell around these parts – particularly pleasant in the winter I hear…

  3. Hi!!! 😉

    Unbelievably impresssssssssiiiiveeeeeeee!! Kudos to you, and I like the picture of those… Just like the sliming advertisement kinda thingy…

    ‘before’ and ‘after’! *giggles*

    good nite!! *kisses*

  4. That ceiling is impressive. However….it’s quite geometric in nature and I’m very tired of math right now.

    (note to self…..cute & good with his hands)

  5. Hey Twinnerama – math is very tiresome. You should throw away those chains of society and follow your heart to the beach and the waves. Maybe after lunch…

    (note to self….hot, good at math and thinks I’m cute)

  6. a bit anal I know but is the carpentry (spelling is excused on here I hope?) all your own work? the photees of the balcony are a work of art and yes that view from it I can quite imagine is breath taking … sooooo envious 🙂

  7. Some bogus advert in the telly when you watch the telly after 2am in the morning, they have these weirdos advert! 😉

    perhaps, you havent got the chance to watch since you went to bed early? *wonder wonder*

    take care!! 😉 *kisses*

  8. Is it me or you have achieved that result in no time? and you blogged and surfed…well I think we are dealing we a super heroe here!
    Very nice work!

  9. I certainly don’t get my hands from my father (I don’t want to have to say the word chipolatas in public but I will if I have to…).

    Ms UDH – a music room/office is definitely planned for my new place. I need somewhere for all my music to get some shelf space rather than being stacked in boxes. Soldiers? Yummy… soft boiled egg too?

    Hey Mrs Dixie – we started in March I think. So 8 months in all (including a few surf breaks and a blog or two). Now we are starting on my place – which is 3 times the size. Help…

  10. patience + female = no brainer
    but for your handiwork, i will try and contain myself – sorry sir xx

  11. glad to hear you are not entirely like your father that you try to question the validity of (hee hee…… did someone mention chipolatas???. I know it wasn’t me!)
    Just to say fabulous workmanship Pen 🙂

  12. What they all said, I agree. Looks terrific! And you’ll be starting another one. Wow, you never rest.

    You do realize this only proves further that you ARE his son, don’t you?

  13. Thank you ladies…

    Lizza – thank you darlin’ I intend todo some resting later on this century. As for my genetic heritage – not sure how that proves anything and even if it does I doubt it’ll stand up in court. x

    Ma – maybe that’s why I don’t sleep so well. Thank god…

    You alright Pops? Careful you don’t choke!

  14. For a moment’s worth of squinting I thought that was a very high dart board above that doorway, but I’m relieved to find that it’s a clock. Wouldn’t want a lot of holes (or a common pub game) taking away all that elegance…..!

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