Better than real life…

the gecko

I’ve been looking at a lot of skateboards recently – the gorgeous Tango gave me the fantastic Whirling Dervish to stretch my learning curve on but I also wanted a board with a tail to replace my battered old shortboard – something a bit longer and wider (and slower to lower my skin graft to ride ratio). The ideal board looked like the Loaded Ceviche but at over £275 for a complete set up it seemed a tad on the dear side.

So I rummaged around in the loft, pulled out a few old floorboards, a pair of old disco skates and some slightly used chewing gum and threw ‘the Gekko’ together. It rolls. It turns. It does everything it’s supposed to. Very happy with it indeed…

So in my effort to overturn the current economic crisis I have decided to make more. It’s the obvious solution to a malaise that is sweeping the globe. Why sit indoors watching Susan Boyle on Youtube when you can charge down the nearest hill on a longboard and throw yourself into some tarmac?

In addition to the surfy/snowboardy emulator pictured above I shall be making a meranti/epoxy laminated flex carver and a downhill deck (website and prototypes available soonish).

Building skateboards might not make me a millionaire but it’s better than real life…

I didn’t surf today but I will be whirling my Dervish.

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  1. OK Somnambulist, as young Papersurfer’s financial and marketing director [self appointed – it’s the only way I can get a job] how many would you like to order?

    As soon as you have placed an order with an open cheque, you’ll be informed of the price – which will be extremely reasonable and will include post and packaging and a first-aid kit and a miniature hill to practice on ……. bargain!

    1. I’m sorry dearest Papa but I shall not be requiring your services as a financial advisor. Let us not forget the Great Budgerigar Fiasco of the late seventies…?

  2. gorgeous…. and the video makes me actually believe i could ride a dervish – if i just lose 120 lbs, change gender, and magically develop some athletic ability.

    1. Not many girly skaters out there for some reason – especially with the new ‘dancing’ style it would be nice to see some…

    1. … only if you have laminated meranti-ply floors in your house – which would be extremely expensive (but very strong and bendy for more ‘robust’ guests…)

      1. well, actually, I would put it past a skateboard nut to make himself a v. expensive floor out of that…. flooring for extreme sportistas?

    1. Of course you can Ms UDH. As soon as production has started and the website is online and I’ve spoken to all the shop owners and suppliers and made a million billion…
      Next week okay?

  3. comes with a inflatable plastic bubble – yeah? this shall be me question – forevermore…

    looks awesome – i say get t on one! then she won’t care about the rules so much.

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