Blog bloggity blog…

graffiti mc

…sometimes it´s like shouting into an empty hole – not sure why I do it but for some reason it feels good.

A similar activity would be talking to Daddy P – you can even hear an echo occasionally.

I didn´t surf today.

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  1. It may seem like I´m having a conversation with myself – I´m just testing comment subscriptions.
    Plus I´m really good company…

    1. I may have seen it a couple of times. I like the orange bits best. Oh and the calendar thingies (I hear they are quite tricky to do)…

      1. Can you believe it though? Some poor sap who created that really fab new design for them had access to the code… and didn’t ‘accidentally’ delete that old guy who wears a box on his head.

        He must be related or something. 😉

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