Blogged off…

Amazing how a small tummy bug can put you off your stride…
This time yesterday I was never going to blog again – the whole blogosphere could go blog itself right up the blogside!
But here I am again putting digit to key reeling out more nonsense for you to ingest. I’ll spare you the gruesome details – but after 3 days and 2 nights of no food intake and my bowels turning inside out I am feeling somewhat drained…
It buggered up my last days surf and has left the Grindstone unsupervised for far too long. So I am hoping to hold onto a piece of toast long enough in the morning to visit the site and be pleasantly surprised by progress there…

I suppose I should congratulate my father for his ‘blog of the day’ award – he should also get an award for having the bollocks to claim it after all the cheating that occurred to get the votes…

I didn’t surf today.

I received notification from the World Blog Council that a new awards scheme will be announced later in the week so pay attention.


  1. I can assure you that there was no cheating at all.[thanks for all the help….heehee….I think we’ve got them fooled]. Hope your bowels return to the proper place soon.

  2. Glad to learn you’re feeling well enough to blog again.

    The WBC’s new awards scheme sounds intriguing, indeed!

    P.S. He cheated??? Nooooo! 😀

  3. sounds like you were in dire need of a nurse.

    I’m just a plane ride away you know 🙂

    Lizza has been writing about her nipples (if you need cheering up)

  4. Oh dear, penfold. You have my every sympathy. I trust you took the opportunity to hook up to Google TiSP? I know the BETA version is still a bit unstable, but it sounds to me like it would have been ideal for a man in your circumstances.

    Blogging on the bog – now there’s an image to conjure with, like a conjurer’s ball that bounced off the bathroom wall and accidentally lodged in the u-bend.

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