….will somebody please tell me what the point is…?!?

I didn’t surf today.


  1. At first I blogged for myself, as a way to rememebr the things I did over the past years. Now I blog like it is my job (though it doesn’t feel like it) and I spend more time interacting with the people that follow my blog than I do sometimes writing my blog(s). I guess the point for me is the ability to interact with other people through a visual medium.

  2. I’ll be following the comments here closely… have had a raging internal debate (my head is a noisy place sometimes) as to taking the plunge myself.

    Wrestling with the yin/yang of it all…

    I enjoy feeling connected to old friends who blog, and i’ve enjoyed insights into the brains of many others who are smart, creative and great communicators.

    On the other hand, if i write down what i’m thinking, i may not want to share it with those around me on a daily basis… or i’ll end up in a cute padded cell with a lovely white jacket, sleeves cleverly tied in the back (the gimcrack, perhaps?)

  3. Now that’s a very good point you’ve raised young Penfold.
    My point for the day is, I’ve got a new lappytop!!!! so have got lots to play with.
    The joy of a new computer lasts longer than the joy of a new mobile phone.
    I’m a bit tired now – my brain cell hurts.

  4. Cor lummy, little poobumkins, is this what happens when you make phone calls instead of buying lighty things? Have you forgotten you’re gorjus? Does the joy of being gorjus last less longer than the joy of a new mobile phone? And while I think of it, where are the photos you were going to send of the grimstone?

    I might be able to get my hands on the new love of your father’s life around Christmas by the way, I suppose I could always distract him with a Nintendo weeeeee!

  5. Don’t worry ma – it wasn’t a ‘what’s the point of existing?’ type ‘what’s the point…?’
    Just a ‘what is the point of me writing a load of old rubbish every day if I can’t think of anything sparkling and witty for people to be scintillated by’ kind of ‘what’s the point…?’
    I think NG and PQ have nailed it nicely for me. Drew is a very concientious blogger and has his slant on things and I think Laura should just get in there and get dirty with everybody else (just because you start something doesn’t mean you have to finish it!)(PS – I have chocolate – come and be swayed!)
    As for the joy of being gorjus – in between a computer and a mobile phone for longevity but I think the disappointment could well be greater than either…
    (I’ll post some photos of the Grimstone for you on flickr at some point)

  6. fun. and then i read back and remember the daft things that my kids did, that i did, and notably, what Q did.

    it’s not always funny – but then i do believe that people are able to scroll on by these days.

  7. Interesting Penfold…. what is the point?
    I was tempted to venture into blogsphere by a friend because I mentioned my diaries and they made him and me smile… whether they do to others on here? Who cares!
    But the daily insults from your Dad has made it even more amusing.
    In this wacky techno virtual 21st C world it is a way of expressing ourselves, there should be no pressure to blog everyday but to see folk saying ‘I have nothing to say today’ is like real life. Hey we can’t be entertaining 24/7 and some days (in the real world) I would rather not have to converse at all

  8. Zed – it is good to be able to look back. Although there may be stuff I’d rather forget…
    Ms Teen – it’s the daily insults to my Dad that I like (espeacially from other people!).
    Dad – there is no forgiveness for you.
    For anything…

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