Blown out of all proportion…

What little surf there was has been utterly decimated by the howling wind that seems to be setting in for the week. Nuts.

So I have taken the opportunity to make another widget for the fuel my blog ‘design a widget competition’ which started today.

The code for this widget is below (don’t forget to put in your full URL including ‘http://’ where it says YOUR_BLOG)

<a href=”“>
<img src=”” border=”0″ /></a>

I shall no doubt be throwing myself in the sea fairly shortly even though it looks like a bad day in Hastings out there. Surely it’s better than sitting in a truck in a car park designing widgets. Oh – feel free to click mine on your way through – thanks a whole big bunch…

No surfing yet – 50/50 at the moment…


  1. Hastings is lovely today – flat calm, warm with a cooling breeze – thank heavens for global warming.

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