Work sucks.

It’s no substitute for real life – I don’t know why everybody is obsessed with doing it all day everyday ad infinitum till the cows come home for ever and ever amen…

– and it’s raining. A lot. Really wet rain.

I also have a tiny splinter in my finger that hurts a bit.

If I think of anything else to whinge about like a big girl’s wendy house I shall make the necessary amendments later in my comments…

No I didn’t bloody surf today – thanks for asking though!


  1. It’s going well then! I remember when I had to work….boy, was I glad when the week was over.
    P.S. Your mother is radioactive.

  2. I left an insightful comment here yesterday. Where’s it gone I wonder and what was it? It was something about work I’m sure……….oh and telling you that your mother is radioactive.

  3. At least I can spell – I hate to be repetitive young man. You knocked off work early.Mind you I haven’t even started yet.

  4. I won’t presume to speak for Jr. P’s bean counter…but…we (bean counters) generally enjoy a good flicking.

    Now….when’s that swell hitting?


  5. Ms. nmm – are you being smutty? I do hope so…
    The swell is already here (lagide) – just one more day of toil at the grindstone then it’s surf o’clock – woohoo…

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