Briefly – a conversation…

AD – stoners are usually really funny people…

Me – nah – they just think they’re funny because they’re stoned.

AD – does that go for me too…?

Me – uh huh….

AD – so I’m not funny…?

Me – you will be if you have a joint.

AD – oh. Better roll one up then…

I didn’t surf today.


  1. After a glass of fine white ozzy it makes a little more sense (earlier it didn’t & you are right stay away from the ‘smoke’ not good!)

  2. Ms Teen – I wrote this post twice. At the time it was so funny it hurt and then I deleted the first version because I didn’t think it made sense. Then I thought – ‘who cares if it makes sense or not – I want to remember it either way….’ so I wrote it again.
    Pour me a glass…. ta.

  3. Just ignore him – eventually he’ll get bored and go away (mind you – I had to emigrate to Portugal to get shot of him and he still followed me to Blogland…)

  4. Hey Pen Thank you so much for your post on my blog this morning… This situation with Sammy getting hit by a car has me kind of crazy and your post was good for a smile… Thanks Brah…


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