Briefly – a conversation…

AD – stoners are usually really funny people…

Me – nah – they just think they’re funny because they’re stoned.

AD – does that go for me too…?

Me – uh huh….

AD – so I’m not funny…?

Me – you will be if you have a joint.

AD – oh. Better roll one up then…

I didn’t surf today.

15 Replies to “Briefly – a conversation…”

  1. After a glass of fine white ozzy it makes a little more sense (earlier it didn’t & you are right stay away from the ‘smoke’ not good!)

  2. Ms Teen – I wrote this post twice. At the time it was so funny it hurt and then I deleted the first version because I didn’t think it made sense. Then I thought – ‘who cares if it makes sense or not – I want to remember it either way….’ so I wrote it again.
    Pour me a glass…. ta.

  3. Just ignore him – eventually he’ll get bored and go away (mind you – I had to emigrate to Portugal to get shot of him and he still followed me to Blogland…)

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