Britney surfs naked…

For new arrivals to Papersurfer you probably arrived here through the global sensation the people are calling ‘google’. The theory being that you type in some keywords and you get to view a web page with relevant content. Some of you came here looking for inspiration that follicly challenged, slightly overweight men can (and do) surf with passion and dedication. You were looking for reassurance that your belief that surfing is better than real life is not misguided and that others share your views. Your beliefs and convictions. Your love…

Others came here to find spank fodder.

Some of you will be very disappointed.

I didn’t surf today. I hope I won’t be able to type this tomorrow…

Illustration taken from ‘Papersurfer – diary of a middle aged surfer‘.


    1. I do remember a looming shadow standing over me in a camper van in New Zealand once. But he had a big nose so it must have been somebody else… x

  1. he sounds like a handsome fella. thehis looming shadow of which you speak. i’m more of a lurker. and i didnt dribble whatever you say

    ps i have all my hair, and surf like a god…………… a godddddddddddddddddd

    1. It’s lucky you’re as young as you are – it makes this childish behaviour extremely appropriate.
      Oh and you surf like a big pink girl’s blouse. With rainbows on. And unicorns…

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