Broken wires

A dirty dub disco mix to help you groove around the garden shed on a Sunday afternoon. You may be mending the lawnmower or planting some seed trays. Or just getting away from your husband. Sheds aren’t just for men you know…

Apologies for the occasional crackle. An unknown broken wire somewhere in the loop….

(This may be a common theme for mix titles – whatever went wrong during the process of making it.)

Tracklist (all on vinyl played on 1210s):

  • Party stomp by Fresh Juice on irecordings
  • I gotcha dancin’ by Eddie Matos on 83 West
  • Feel so good by Fresh Juice (again)
  • Funkpusher by Miguel Migs on Large
  • Hard bread by Inland Knights on 2020 vision
  • Just right by Nightsource on Naked
  • Slip away by Futuresoul on Black Vinyl


    1. I absolutely agree. Stereophonic amplification and resonance artefacts must be teetering on the edge of obesity. Or at least distinctly chubby.

      (PS – I like chocolate croissants. See you on Thursday!)

  1. i had two mini ravers in my kitchen this morning not wanting to go to school cos they were ‘gettin down’ to the beat ;p

  2. i read your ‘idiots guide to podcasting’….i still don’t know how to download your podcast so that i can listen to it on my iphone/ipod. i’m stoooopid….


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