Busman’s holiday…


It must be said that this week has been fine on the surfing front and to top it off every morning I’ve had the pleasure of laying concrete for the new shower block at Ollies campsite. I love a bit of concrete…

Almagreira campsite has a communal thing going on – people get to stay here and get fed and washed if they help out around the place – scrubbing toilets and emptying bins – that sort of thing. So my skills as a buildery type person are being utilised to construct the next stage of lavatorial comfort and oblutary joy. This so far has consisted of getting up reasonably early every day this week and trying to turn a rabble of hungover surf bums into something resembling a team of labourers. Using a bare minimum of materials, a few rusty tools and an ancient cement mixer that definitely has an identity crisis we’ve dug drains, created shuttering and poured, laid and levelled several slabs of concrete creating the platform on which to create the desired construction.

Obviously the progress has been slightly hampered by good waves, large fruity cocktails and England losing the rugby. I shall let you know how phase 2 takes shape in a few weeks time when I return.

I surfed today. I got a thorough drubbing at Secrets – ’twas large and lumpy and I did like it oh yes I did. I’m still not telling you where it is because I’d still have to kill you…


  1. I can see a frog’s face and a goat’s face in that bit you have done – how did you manage that..? x

  2. and there was me surfing the flight sites.. Sensitivity lessons and astral specsavers for you!
    You still float my boat tho! xxx

  3. ok i have spoken to the frog and he says he is quite happy where he is, next to the inca, but the goat is a bit peed off at being stuck in the corner. The owlephant thinks you have made her look fat and they all want to know why no-one has spotted the jar of pickle top left. Nurse – i’m ready for my smarties now. x

  4. Oblutary joy? That sounds promising.

    And try as I might, I just don’t see any pictures in the concrete. Except for some shading, and some dots…which remind me of the rain.

    DaddyP’s blog is having the bandwidth problem thingy again. Use those useful hands of yours to help him out?

  5. I go offline for a few hours and all my readers are having group hallucinations (apart from loverly Lizza but she’s perfect). I think you should all sit down in a quiet dark place and have a word with yourselves.
    It’s a slab of concrete for feck’s sake…

  6. Excellent surf posting. City bound this past weekend….heard it was good yesterday. Unfortunately didn’t receive a call til mid-afternoon…too late to make the drive.

    Saffa’s stomped England…..hehehe.

  7. (thanks for your wonderful Portuguese/Spanish/random comment Linky Love – have you been at the Babel fish again…?)
    I’m assuming that you’re asking how come my blog still works and DP’s doesn’t.
    O meu blog ainda estÑ a trabalhar porque ele é um ‘git’ e eu nao. JÑ compreendes…?

  8. The Old Git’s blog I put on an idiot proof blogware account and mine I host myself with a wordpress software install so he get’s bandwidth issues when too many people read his blog. It’s his own fault for being so funny…

  9. When I lived in the ‘Outback’ in Australia I worked for the Aboriginal Land Council…and the job I was on was building the ablution block for the Cultural Centre….I didn’t have to mix,pour,lay any concrete…..but I did have to spend 2 days at a disused uranium mine dismantling a water tank….I now glow in the dark …..

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