Calling all boy scouts…

If EVERY SINGLE person that visits this blog (and ofcourse Daddy Papersurfer – old git) today clicks on the image below then my dear old Dad should get his wish to become blog of the day on fuelmyblog.

It won’t take long – there’s no forms to fill out – just click on the picture. Job done.



  1. I click on both your bombs regularly, only because you guys ask your readers so nicely.

    No need to email me your nekkid pics as a sign of gratitude. Really.

  2. You are an angel Lizza – although I’m sensing a devilish side lately (spanking? nekkid?)! The pics – did you want me or the guys in the car park?

  3. I’ve resorted to cheating.
    Mum says get a life………..why would she say that? Anyway, this is probably going to be the best day ever!!!!!!!

  4. Lucinha – I have similar issues…
    Nmm – I recommend some good strong carbolic soap and a right good scrubbing!
    DP – you had your hearing aid turned up for a change then?

  5. Congrats Daddy P.

    Now….could someone explain to me why I have to “log in” to leave a comment on the big guy’s blog? (do I have to set up an account?)

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