…something a bit different to ease through the Easter weekend with. A mellow selection of beats and chilledness to aid in the excessive consumption of chocolate bunnies and surrender to that extra bottle of Cider. When Uncle Roger’s snoring starts to resonate and the mother-in-law is really getting on your tits – just turn it up a bit…

(I’m not sure if iTunes will let this get through their filters – so if it’s blocked just download it from here.)

Tracklist as follows (MP3 mixed with Fusion)

  • Suntoucher – Groove Armada
  • Dirty listening – Groove Armada
  • Trigger hippie – Morcheeba
  • Sunshines better – Talvin Singh/John Martyn
  • Whispering wind – Moby
  • Nights Interlude – Nightmares on Wax
  • Fascinating Rhythm (Soul Odyssey mix) – Bassomatic
  • Flashback – Fat Freddy’s Drop

Digital needles

This is the first instalment of digital mixing from the Aphrodisiac workshops. A moochy, groovy blend of deep house with some dub disco undertones possibly suitable for some recreational culinary activities.

I’d probably make pancakes to this mix- maybe wearing a small, floral pinafore and some pink rubber gloves. I would – but I have no eggs.

This pinny sure feels good though…

Tracklist is as follows (all MP3 mixed with digital decks)

  • Groove for the main room by Peter O
  • Touch the sky by Penfold on Aphrodisiac
  • Groove cocktail by Nathalia on Pierogi records
  • Nuvex-U on Four Peas recordings
  • Final Dream by Mata and Mike Richardson

Broken wires

A dirty dub disco mix to help you groove around the garden shed on a Sunday afternoon. You may be mending the lawnmower or planting some seed trays. Or just getting away from your husband. Sheds aren’t just for men you know…

Apologies for the occasional crackle. An unknown broken wire somewhere in the loop….

(This may be a common theme for mix titles – whatever went wrong during the process of making it.)

Tracklist (all on vinyl played on 1210s):

  • Party stomp by Fresh Juice on irecordings
  • I gotcha dancin’ by Eddie Matos on 83 West
  • Feel so good by Fresh Juice (again)
  • Funkpusher by Miguel Migs on Large
  • Hard bread by Inland Knights on 2020 vision
  • Just right by Nightsource on Naked
  • Slip away by Futuresoul on Black Vinyl

Blunt needles

This is a moochy, groovy, bouncy kind of thing. Nice for doing a spot of light housework to or maybe even taking a casual saunter across a windswept park. You might meet a stranger next to the water fountain, fall in love, have seven children and call one of them Egbert.

Or not – the choice is yours…

Two things are fairly apparent upon relistening:

  1. my needles are about as sharp as the wit at an accountants’ convention in Helsinki in the merry month of dismay and…
  2. if I keep practicing I met get the hang of this mixing lark (eventually).

Track list:

  • Burning (burning hot mix) by Pépé Bradock adn the Grand Brûlés choir on Kif
  • Gummibjorn by Huba Buba on Black Jesus records
  • Sol Patrol by Summer transport on Sense records
  • Frogg’z Congaz (Matty & JP’s keys mix) by Romatt on Chez records
  • Soul doing dishes (Luke Fair mix) by Jas on Yoshiyoti recordings
  • Southern girls by Projections on Guidance recordings
  • Show me love by Skydiver on Weekend World

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Christmas is coming…

ponsietta, ponsetta, porncetta, whatever

…Jack Frost has been nibbling at my extremities and my goose is definitely on the chubby side. So I’m thinking that it’s time to slip on my Santa flavoured panties, loiter under the mistletoe and get my eggs well and truly nogged.

Yo ho ho.

Meanwhile back on Earth – I’ve been clambering up the learning curve that is Cubase (a music sequencing program), which hasn’t featured in my life since Maggie Thatcher was bopping around number 10 to Kajagoogoo and Atari were dominating the computer race. I’ve been playing with stolen voice samples and some ‘real instrument’ recording techniques ending in something that sounds vaguely like music. Feel free to leave constructive criticism. Unless it’s bad in which case go to my father’s blog and leave it there…


If, for some strange reason, you want to download it then right click on this link and save.

I didn’t surf today but I did hang some jolly green curtains.

Back on track…

Aphrodisiac flyer 1st August '92

I’ve been blogging for over three years now – the original thinking wasn’t an outlet for my mental dribblings and prolifery of procrastination but somewhere to post my music. At the time I couldn’t find the technological language to create what I wanted. But I finally cracked it – the blog design, the audio enclosure, ftp uploading, a flash-based audio player – the whole shibang.

Of course my decks have been buried in a pile of old curtains and sheep skulls in a trailer at the bottom of the garden for quite some time so much practice may be needed before those heady days of Aphrodisiac can be reachieved (maybe more mud and alcohol too).

The following is a mini mix of old and new done on real turntables with real vinyl by a real human DJ (all beautifully proven by the shocking mix about 2/3 of the way through). It needs to be be played very loud – especially at around 9 minutes and 12 seconds when the bass comes back in. If you’re not dancing at that point then you may as well turn it off…


I will at some point dust off all the old classics and cobble them together for general consumption. If, for some reason you do want to download this mix; right click on this link and save to your computer…

I didn’t surf today. Big storms passing through. Next week looks better…

Slightly tweaked…

…just for my darling Daddy P. I’ve knocked off a few lumpy bits and polished some of the rust off….

D-trip take 2.

If you want any more done to it – do it yourself – I have a roof to build (take 3 at the weekend probably).

I didn’t surf today. There aren’t enough days in the week right now.

Introducing the Green Bullet…

the green bullet...

…not a grass hued, speed orientated doer of daring deeds but my new harmonica microphone. Coupled with my new Fender ’59 Bassman valve amp simulation pedal I can now sound like a genuine bluesy type person wah wahing my way into the night….

I’ve posted another audible offering for your aural delectation. It’s my first attempt at live sounds over some beats on Cubase. Forgive the levels – it’s just a test mix…

D-trip 1st draft (just click play)

I didn’t surf today.