A tad brisk…

I once heard an estate agent* say to a client (in a bright yet, sincere manner) ‘…it never rains here you won’t need any’. He was of course answering a query as to the lack of guttering on most of the old houses in Central Portugal. He was obviously elsewhere several years ago when it rained… Continue reading A tad brisk…

I’d take the train…

As we all know commuting to work adds a certain drudgery to the day’s proceedings; the stuffy, crowded train carriage where you rattle to work with your head lodged into somebody’s armpit.

Progress report

There is the distinct odour of change in the air – the local train station is to be transformed into a ‘Metro stop’, promising

I f**king hate pikeys

Living in the foothills of the Serra de Estrella in central Portugal is supposed to be an idyllic existence – stunning picture postcard scenery, perfect weather all enhanced by friendly and convivial neighbours. Aging donkeys retiring peacefully by the river, toothless old crones carrying bags of washing on their heads. Just the sound of birds… Continue reading I f**king hate pikeys

Frozen flush

A general misconception that we are all swanning around in bikinis, surfing and drinking large fruity cocktails down here during the winter months must surely be dispelled. Not only do we have to wear woolly hats and thermal knickers but at times we have to suffer from ridulously pretty frost formations adorning the local flora… Continue reading Frozen flush