58 days in lockdown

Recently, whilst smashing up a seemingly fine wall with a very large hammer (so I could move said wall several inches to the left) I found an old pack of ‘Senior Service’ cigarettes that a builder from days gone by had left sitting on a cross beam….

Add new post…

I haven’t blogged for so long it feels like I’m rummaging around in amongst some strangers drawers. Quite exciting and yet ever so slightly wrong. Much like being grammatically ambiguous… My previous theme decided it didn’t have the energy to load properly anymore (hence the WordPress ‘basic’ and inconspicuous lack of images in previous posts)… Continue reading Add new post…

Convolution part 2

(…please see previous post) Of course I’ve never been one to follow advice (good or bad) so the possibility of me prattling on in a deranged manner with absolutely no discernible facts or points of interest eminating from this particular repository of minutia is, as always, quite high… However, I would like to point out… Continue reading Convolution part 2

Papersurfer the movie?

One midsummer day I was leaning into an involved conversation with an abstract artist (of moderate fame) who, for no apparent reason, said to me in an intriguing manner… “…you should write a book…” The conversation was slightly fuelled by a prelunch intake of cold refreshing cider in an ancient, smoke filled country pub. So… Continue reading Papersurfer the movie?

Too old to skate?

The majority of people cruising into middle-age might mark the transition with an instigation of a pension plan or buying some nice brown slacks. I realised today that I may be in the midst of some form of denial period of my life and although my cranial follicle count is dwindling on a daily basis… Continue reading Too old to skate?

Social networking – the end of the world?

A simple discussion with the gorgeous Tango (grrr) recently ended in a rather startling conclusion: It began with the simple thought that social networking websites are an incredibly efficient waste of time when you’re not working and of course that led to the thought that there must be an enormous percentage of office workers online… Continue reading Social networking – the end of the world?